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Hi, I'm Mohammad-Ali Mirhamed Rooy (Roui)

Web Designer & Developer | Mobile Developer

I was born at 24th of May . in Rasht. I started using Computer since I was 12 years old boy. Its been around 7 years that i've been programming professionally for Iranian and foreign companies. I had nobody to help me in this journey. I studied on my own to learn programming and made up my mind algorithmy. I can code 13 different languages but im not a professional in all of them. I’m an expert at PHP, JavaScript, python and java. Some of my talents are such as : im a quick learner and a good debugger and also very fast on finding things on the internet.

Ive been coding since 2010 for many companies and various government agencies as CTO and ect... . I'm a dreamer and i'm trying as hard as i can to make my dreams come true .I'd like to think that one day i can work for NASA and Google .There is no holding back and nothing can stop me and push me out of this way.

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